General Questions

How to show the checkbox on the cart page?

It will show the T&C checkbox automatically on your cart page, and on the Buy Now button once you active the app.

Go to the app dashboard and select the Multiple links radio button then, it will show the rich text editor here, you can write your text with the multiple links.

How to show the T&C checkbox on the checkout page?

If you are using the Shopify Plus plan, then shopify allows us to show the checkbox on the checkout page. please contact us so, we can setup the checkbox for you on the checkout page. Note: Shopify didn't allow us to show the checkbox on the checkout page for the other shopify plans except the plus plan.

The checkbox is loading slow on our store.

Don't worry, please contact us via chat or email. We will increase the speed of the checkbox for you.

How to add the terms and conditions date & time to the order confirmation email?

Once a customer place an order then, the customer receives an order confirmation email. If you follow the below steps then, it will automatically show the I Agree To Terms information on the email.

1. Login to your admin panel > Settings > Notifications > Click on the Order confirmation link 2. Copy the below code:

{% if attributes["I-Agree-To-Terms"] %}
  <table class="row i-agree-to-terms">
        <h4>I Agree To The Terms</h4>
          <u>Accepted Terms At:</u> {{ attributes["Accepted-Terms-At"] }}
{% endif %}

3. Then, paste the above code after the payment-method title. 4. Click on the Save button 5. That's it, you have successfully inserted the code snippet in your order template.

Note: If you are not comfortable with the coding then, please feel free to contact us to setup the snippet in your order confirmation email.

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