You can manage claims by approving or canceling the claim request.

  • First go to claims page.

  • On claim page you can see the claim request.

  • You can also check the status of the claims here so you can only focus only Pending or In-Progress status .

Edit Claims:

  • To edit claim you will have click on the edit button of the order you want approve or reject the claim.

  • After clicking on the Edit button you will be redirect to Order Claim Request Page from where you can Reject or Approve the Claim by seeing the reasons for the claims.

  • You can either click on the Claim Satus or Fulfil Claim button to reject or approve the claim

Cancel Claim:

- To Cancel the Claim click on the edit button in the claim menu in specific order.

- Then click on the Claim Status to Cancel or Reject the claim.

Refund Claim:

- To Refund the claim amount you will have to click on the Fulfil Claim button.

- When Click on the Fulfil Claim button Fulfil Claim popup will appear.

- In that popup you can select the Refund by Amount option and insert the refund amount.

- After inserting the amount click on the Claim button.

- You can either Partial refund the amount or Fully refund the claim amount to the customer as per you store policies.

Re-Order Claim:

- To Re-order the claim click on the Fulfil Claim button and select the Re-order option from the dropdown menu.

- After selecting the Re-order option insert the number of the products that need to be re-orders or whole order will be re-ordered.

- Click on the Claim button after inserting the number of product's to be re-order

Insurance Claim Status in claim request list:

  • Requested : The status would read "Requested" once the customer had requested a claim.

  • In Progress : It means that the customer service team is reviewing the claim.

  • Approved : When the claim is valid , the merchandise will be reordered or the amount will be fully refunded to the customer , the status would read as " Approved".

  • Partially Approved : This status applies to multiple orders in a single shipment. It means the claim was valid and just for a single order and it has been approved.

  • Cancel : This is the status when the customer's claim is denied due to false claims or improper activity on their part.

Claim Form the Front End:

  • For to allow user to claim from the front end First goto theme customization from store themes.

  • From theme customization add Insureful Claim Form extention in the page that you want to show the Claim Form.

  • When user will insert email id from which order was placed and Order number and then add reason for claim and submit the claim button.

  • Admin and Customer both will receive the Email for the claim request.

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